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A level suitable for the swimmer who is confident and has basic knowledge of the strokes to aid movement through the water.

Early practices are introduced to develop the stroke.


Aim : Swimming without pause using correct strokes.

To swim 25 metres.





For a non swimmer completely dependent on armbands .

We aim to introduce water confidence through simple exercises and play and understanding of basic instruction in the water and to have fun.

Also to introduce simple breathing practices .

AIM  : To swim 5 and 10 metres without Arm bands.



BEGINNERS  — For a non-swimmer 3 plus years

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For the swimmer who no longer requires Armbands. To develop stamina and to swim further with a good body position.

Introduce travel with good leg action and front and back Arm action for front crawl and back crawl, and breathing techniques.

To introduce Br/St

Aim: To swim 15 and 20 metres .



IMPROVER    — No longer requires armbands can swim 10 metres without armbands



A level aimed at those who are confident in deep water and have started to master breathing techniques.

This level concentrates on the development of the strokes , Water skills and Breathing, Stamina to ensure the swimmer is prepared for lane swimming.

To introduce Butterfly

Aim :To swim 50 and 100 meters using all three strokes efficiently.


WIDTH ADVANCED — Designed for the confident swimmer who has knowledge and development of the strokes .



To Introduce the swimmer to lanes

It aims to create a competent swimmer in all 4 strokes with good technique , skill, strength, speed and stamina.

All schedules of work will be completed with stroke pointers throughout the lessons..

Fun activities such as Rookie’s ,Water Polo will be introduced.


SWIM CLUB  — 7 to 15 Years , lane swimming with stroke technique, speed , stamina and fun swim activities such as rookie and water polo will be introduced.


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